Monday, May 13, 2013

ACTION ALERT: Yes on SB 2, HB 3497, and HB 607

This week, we could see action on several of our priorities in the Legislature:

SB 2 Relating to charter schools and home-rule charter school districts.
  • Status: Voted favorably out of House committee. 
  • Recommendation: FOR 
  • Comment: Will lift the cap on the creation of charter schools and create more choice.
  • Additional Research: Lifting the cap on charters 
  • Call to action: Contact the calendars committee to schedule this bill for a floor vote.
HB 3497 Relating to state savings and government efficiency through a taxpayer savings grant program.
  • Status: Public hearing scheduled for May 13th 11:30am NOTICE 
  • Recommendation: STRONGLY FOR
  • Comment: Replaces SB 1575. This will save taxpayers millions and will give parents the freedom to choose the right education for their children.
  • Research: It's Time for School Choice in Texas 
  • Call to action: Contact committee members to voice your support FOR this bill. \
 HB 607 Relating to the phaseout and repeal of the franchise tax.
  • Status: Placed on General State Calendar     Recommendation: STRONGLY FOR
  • Comment: The franchise tax is more than a business income tax it's a revenue tax that punishes Texas businesses even if they loose money. 

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