Monday, May 6, 2013

AFP-Texas: The Ugly Numbers on AISD debt and spending

Americans for Prosperity -- Texas breaks down the numbers on the AISD bond election:

  • Teachers comprise only 52% of the ISD staff
  • And only 49% of the ISD revenue is spent on instruction

  • And the Superintendent – as of TEA’s last listing – is making base salary of over $285,000
  • AISD debt is currently just over $1.1 billion
      • Approximately $751 million in principal and
      • $372 million in interest
    AISD student enrollment has grown 8.9% at under 1% a year over the past 10 years according to TEA:
      • In 2001, enrollment was 77,816;
      • In 2011, enrollment was 85,273
    Yet spending almost doubled – 71.12% increaseFrom $547 million to $936 million
    And the ISD fund balance grew an astounding 117.647% in 10 years.
      • $68 million in 2001 to $148 million in 2001-10
    The bond package proposed would more than double AISD debt.
    Let’s remember the current principal is $750.5 million; This bond package is for over $892 million.

  •  This is lot of debt to burden ourselves and our children with over the next thirty years.  A low turnout May election that maximizes the special interest vote is not an appropriate forum.  Let's slow this process down;  Vote AGAINST AISD Bonds 1 - 4.

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