Saturday, August 15, 2015

TABC Micromanages Longhorn Gameday Experience

"A ruler who lacks understanding is a great oppressor,
But he who hates covetousness will prolong his days."
Proverbs 28:16

In addition to their anti-Second Amendment activities and entrapping service industry employees, it looks like the petty fascists at the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission have found a new way to bother people:
Providing an engaging, fun and safe environment for all fans at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium is a top priority for Texas Athletics. As the 2015 Texas Football season approaches, we are proud to announce multiple enhancements to our gameday experience, including a family-friendly pregame fan fest, additional tailgating options, Austin food vendors, concessions upgrades and the addition of beer and wine sales throughout the entire stadium. To facilitate the sale of beer and wine and ensure compliance with Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission (TABC) laws, rules and regulations, we are also introducing an adjustment to our re-entry policy.


For the responsible enjoyment of fans who are of legal age, beer and wine are available for purchase throughout the stadium. To permit the sale of beer and wine, Texas Athletics must comply with all TABC laws, rules and regulations. To ensure compliance, we have made adjustments to our re-entry policy.

All gates open at the conclusion of the Stadium Stampede, or approximately two hours before kickoff; from that point, fans are allowed one entry. Once gates are open and fans have full access to stadium seating, fans who have scanned in will not be able to exit the stadium and re-enter. This policy is consistent with most major sporting venues across the country, including AT&T Stadium (home of the Dallas Cowboys) and NRG Stadium (home of the Houston Texans).

[Author's note: Emphasis added.]
Which begs the real question: What the hell makes this any of TABC's business in the first place?!?

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