Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Almost HALF of SREC endorses Jeff Judson!!!

"A man who has friends must himself be friendly,
But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother."
Proverbs 18:24

We'd forgotten that Jeff Judson is currently on the SREC, but this is an impressive list:

Tuesday, November 3, 2015
Contact: Jeff Judson
(210) 822-1292

Jeff Judson Announces Endorsements from Almost One-half All SREC Members

Reflects Widespread Disagreement with House Leadership

Jeff Judson, Candidate for Texas House District 121, today announced that almost one-half of the entire State Republican Executive Committee have endorsed his candidacy.  These endorsements reflect a high level of trust in the leadership abilities and experience of Jeff Judson, but also a high level of dissatisfaction with the leadership of the Texas House under Speaker Joe Straus.

Alma Perez Jackson, SREC Committeewoman from Senate District 26 in San Antonio said, “I have known and worked with Jeff here in Bexar County, and on the SREC, and he represents the future of our Republican Party.  No one has done more than Jeff to build bipartisan coalitions to challenge local politicians who work against the taxpayers.  Jeff Judson will do a better job of representing HD 121 and will allow the Texas House to choose a Speaker who agrees, rather than who works against, the priorities of the Governor, Lt. Governor, and the grassroots voters.”

John Beckmeyer, SREC committeeman from Senate District 28 said, “Jeff Judson’s long list of endorsements from members of the SREC is a reflection of our strong confidence in Jeff and our desire to have a new House Speaker who is in touch with the direction of our State. Given Jeff’s many years of service working for the conservative cause, I know he can win this race and that he will be a productive and courageous member of the House from day one.”

Karl Voigtsberger, SREC Committeeman from SD 8 said, "We are strongly behind Jeff and look forward to greater productivity and harmony with the Texas House under a new Speaker.”

It should be noted that SREC members not endorsing Jeff are not necessarily endorsing Joe Straus for reelection.  In fact, very few, if any, are.

Endorsements as of 11/3 include:

SD 1 – Sue Evenwel
SD 2 – David Hale and Vicki Slaton
SD 6 – Chris McDonald and Glenda Bowles
SD 7 – Mark Ramsey
SD 8 – Candy Noble and Karl Voigtsberger
SD 11 – Tanya Robertson
SD 12 – David Halvorson
SD 13 – Dale Gibble
SD 15 – Montie Watkins and Vergel Cruz
SD 16 – Virginia Prodan and Randall Dunning
SD 17 – Marvin Clede
SD 19 – Teresa DuBose
SD 23 -- Jonathan Boos
SD 25 – Jeff Judson
SD 26 – Alma Perez Jackson
SD 28 – John W. Beckmeyer
SD 29 – Mark Dunham and Mary Holmsley
SD 30 – Deon Starnes and Danny Pelton
SD 31 – Rhonda Lacy and Tom Roller 
Read the whole thing here.

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  1. Jeff Judson would best represent the citizens in HD 121. His opponent, on the other hand, represents himself and special interests.


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