Thursday, November 26, 2015

For which Texas Conservatives should be THANKFUL....

"Oh, give thanks to the Lord!
Call upon His name;
Make known His deeds among the peoples!"
1 Chronicles 16:8

While Texas Conservatives are justifiably livid with the lousy legislative results we've seen at both the state and federal level in 2015, it's worth taking today to consider how far we've come since 2010.  Five years ago, we had nothing; today, we've got footholds across all levels of government that we can reasonably expect to grow over the next few cycles.  Consider the following:
  • Ted Cruz:

    We'll leave it to others to debate if he's the front-runner.  The fact remains, one of the strongest contenders for the Presidential nomination (who, if he were to secure the nod, would be the instant general election favorite as the Republican nominee) is someone grassroots Texans elevated to his current position against the wishes of both the Austin establishment AND the D.C. establishment.  By itself, that's something worth celebrating.
  • Dan Patrick:

    Historically, the office of Texas Lt. Governor has been the most powerful position in state government.  Today, we have not only the most conservative Lt. Governor Texas has ever seen, we have someone who consistently punches above his weight in political negotiations.  Even better, he's someone who understands how to use the power his office grants him to advance conservative policy objectives.

  • Ken Paxton:

    Over the past year, no one has done more to protect Texans from Washington D.C's ravenous appetite.  Closer to home, Ken has rebuked governmental lawlessness whether it comes from Travis County probate courts or the University of Texas.  No one has done more to protect our religious liberty.

  • Wallace Hall:

    Over the past five years, no one has been subjected to more personal abuse for doing his job than University of Texas Regent Wallace Hall.  In doing that job, Wallace has turned up evidence that some of the most notorious RINO's in Texas have abused their offices to assist their cronies.  While the current days at the University of Texas are dark, patriots like by Wallace Hall make the long term future bright...#HookEmWallace!!!
  • Louie Gohmert:

    While the rest of Texas' congressional delegation is mediocre at best, Louie Gohmert remains a consistent conservative superstar.  Most recently, Louie voted against Paul Ryan for Speaker; similarly he voted against the TARP bailout and every screwy fiscal "deal" we've seen since Obama was inaugurated.  If the other Republicans acted more like Louie Gohmert, the other Republicans would be in a lot less trouble.
  • More Conservative U.S. House Challenger than we can count:

    Speaking of Congress, there are currently 25 Republicans in Texas' U.S. House delegation.  Of those 25, at least 9 have credible primary challengers.  Several of them will win in 2016 and those that fall short will set Texas conservatives up for another fantastic cycle in 2018.

  • Konni Burton, Bob Hall, and Don Huffines:

     While the Texas Senate has been slowly trending conservative for a decade, last cycle these three kicked that transition into high gear.  All three knocked off notorious liberals, one of whom was a Democrat (honorable mention also goes to Donna Campbell, who accomplished something similar in 2012).  While other members of the Texas Senate are also more conservative than the person they replaced, none of these three had the luxury of running in a special election.
  • David Simpson:

    While there are a couple dozen solid conservatives in the Texas Legislature, no one understands Christian grace quite like David Simpson.  David Simpson brings a level of humility about the effectiveness of government others would be well served to match.  As Simpson explains: "Even when we make a wrong choice, it's usually self-correcting if it's not subsidized by the government."
  • Jonathan Stickland:

    "Mr. Speaker, does the gentleman yield for a question?!?"  Nothing strikes terror in the hearts of the criminals and reprobates that populate the Texas House of Representatives quite like that one.  For more reasons than we can count, Jonathan Stickland is a courageous voice for righteousness in a wicked legislative body.
  • Matt Rinaldi:

    See everything we just said about Jonathan Stickland and add a more conservative voting record.  Prior to being sworn in, Matt Rinaldi danced circles around of the most intellectually feeble RINO's in the Texas House of Representatives.  Matt Rinaldi is on our short lists of legislators we'd like to see run statewide the next time we play musical chairs in 2022.
  • The rest of the Scott Turner 19:

    It would take too long to personally thank each member of the Texas House who voted for Scott Turner for Speaker.  Suffice to say, this election season wouldn't look as promising as it does if we hadn't gotten that recorded vote on the first day of this past legislative session.  Kudos also to Scott personally for seeing that race through to the end.

  • More Conservative #TXLEGE challengers than we can count:

    We're not sure how many dozens of Texas Legislative primaries have solid conservatives running either against incumbents or for open seats, but it's A LOT of them.  March 1st is GOING TO BE a good night.  The inevitable long-term trend will continue.
  • Austin killing THREE BONDS IN THREE YEARS: 

    First the 2013 Austin ISD bond.  Then the 2014 rail bond.  Most recently, the 2015 Courthouse bond.

  • Don Zimmerman and Ellen Troxclair:

    Finally, we would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge our two spectacular conservatives on the Austin City Council.  Don and Ellen have stopped bad things, promoted good things where they could, and (even when unsuccessful in the final vote) forced the Council to discuss our agenda.  Don and Ellen are an example Republican elected officials across all levels of government would be well served to emulate.
Bottom Line: It's easy to become frustrated with the day to day nonsense, but that's a mistake.  Over the past five years, grassroots conservatives across the state of Texas have made head-spinning progress against a corrupt political class that has had decades to entrench itself.  While plenty of work remains, take today to appreciate how far we've already come.

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