Saturday, November 21, 2015

SD-24 headed towards a Mayes/Buckingham runoff

"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose."
Romans 8:28

A couple months ago, Erick Erickson made waves when he predicted the Presidential race would come down to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.  Thursday's Central Texas Republican Assembly meeting made it clear a similar dynamic has emerged in the SD-24 race.  Unless one of them commits a game changing mistake, we anticipate a runoff between Brent Mayes and Dawn Buckingham.

The similarities between Marco Rubio and Dawn Buckingham are uncanny.  Both are young, attractive, articulate candidates who are reasonably conservative most of the time.  Both are light years better than the genuine RINO's they've already boxed out of their respective races.  But both raise red flags.  In Rubio's case, it's amnesty; with Buckingham, it's the Texas Medical Association.

One of the first rules we learned following Texas politics is never to trust the Texas Medical Association.  They support Obamacare.  They're pro-Abortion.  They've spread lies about conservative Texas Senators.  Less than a year ago, while she was working with TMA, Buckingham gave a $500 donation to Joe Straus.  When we asked her about it on Thursday, she she she was doing her job for her trade association.  That's hardly a response that inspires confidence.

We could do worse, but we can also do better.

Brent Mayes speaks his mind.  He is, easily, the strongest candidate on Tenth Amendment issues.  Brent Mayes understands Texas can't look to D.C. for help; Texas has to help itself.  If necessary, Bernt Mayes would resist a Republican President.  With C.J. Grisham out of the race, Brent Mayes is the clear conservative choice.

This race reflects the success of Texas' conservative grassroots over the past three cycles.  The genuine RINO's haven't gained traction.  While we have reservations about one of the viable candidates, that candidate is still someone we could support in a general election.  But an 'A+' candidate beats a 'B' candidate every single time.  And remember, Ted Cruz is going to be at the top of this ticket.

Bottom Line: There are only two viable candidates in this race; check back with us on March 2nd if you believe otherwise.

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