Friday, November 13, 2015

Texas Exes provoke Alumni BACKLASH over #Mizzou

"A fool has no delight in understanding,
But in expressing his own heart."
Proverbs 18:2

Yesterday, the Texas Exes posted a mush-brained article praising the recent appeasement of the lynch mob at Mizzou:

In this op-ed, former NFL coach and UT-Austin leadership lecturer Daron Roberts says athletic departments, coaches,...
Posted by Texas Exes on Thursday, November 12, 2015

The uninteresting article repeats much of the pablum we frequently see in Higher Education; a representative sample:
But what happened at Mizzou goes beyond the economics of college football. What we witnessed was a student-led initiative that evolved into a student-athlete-supported initiative that turned into a coach-endorsed movement. Students were the first movers in this story, and to Coach Pinkel’s credit, he joined the right side of history.

Athletic departments, coaches, athletes, and non-athletes across the country would be well-served to take note of what happened at Mizzou. The episode is a case study in off-the-field leadership, something that is needed more in athletic departments across the country.

The calculated boycott by the Mizzou football team underscores their deep understanding of what was at stake. They issued what amounted to a leveraged buyout of the university’s leadership. For years, critics have bemoaned the fact that college athletes have received the short end of the economic stick. This slight tilt grants leverage to student-athletes that many of them were afraid to wield.
But the article itself isn't the issue; consider the reaction on social media:
Jason Scott Womack This is just wrong.
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Will Estel Get your people together. This is horrible.
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Jason Scott Womack I'm thinking about cancelling my membership. Seriously.
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Texas Exes Jason Scott Womack Hi Jason, Thanks for commenting. I'm sorry you find this article disagreeable. I should stress that this op-ed is from a faculty expert on an issue of general interest. It is not held up as representing the organization's views. You are more than welcome to disagree, and we encourage thoughtful discussion among the membership. Thanks for being a member, and for reading. -- Tim Taliaferro, Editor in Chief, The Alcalde
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Jason Scott Womack Sir, I think the other comments on this article should show you that this was a big mistake. You just injected this organization into a political fight that it does not belong in. Differing opinions and discussion are all fine, but you'll notice I never mentioned whether I agreed with it or not. This opinion article is tattooed with the Texas Exes logo, meaning this represents the organization and all whom it itself represents. Spin it however you want, it's just plain wrong.
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Texas Exes Jason Scott Womack Hi Jason, I guess we will agree to disagree here. Just to stress: the organization takes no position on this issue. We published the article to spur thoughtful conversation led by a faculty expert. We do it every day here at the Texas Exes. Thanks again for reading. - Tim
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Jason Scott Womack People who take no position on issues usually know better than to step in it. And just out of curiosity, when will the opposing viewpoint be posted? If the organization has, as you say, no viewpoint, then the appropriate thing would be to present both sides of the argument. I won't hold my breath. Like I said, this is something that we do not need to step in. I'm done.
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Texas Exes Jason Scott Womack I respect your opinion, and I appreciate you voicing it. I don't believe it is realistic for us to talk only about issues on which we have an opinion. The result would be either a boring conversation, or we would have to form opinions about all kinds of things that have little or no connection to the university. I encourage you to espouse your view as it relates to this issue. That's, in part, what we want this forum to be. Thank you, again. -- Tim
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Jason Scott Womack So that's a no on the opposing viewpoint then. I'm taking screen shots of this.
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Will Estel Jason Scott Womack Patiently waiting on Texas Exes op-ed on Aliens and Big Foot.
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Jason Scott Womack Haha. I think they'd put those up before the opposing viewpoint. But hey, at least us PR grads get watch someone fail at our trade, eh?
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Texas Exes Jason Scott Womack That's a no. We don't organize it that way--as pro and con. We published the one from Daron Roberts because he is a faculty expert on this issue, and this was the essay he wrote on this topic. I'll stress again that it is not meant to be the final word. Just a thoughtful entree. -- Tim
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Will Estel Faculty expert on lies? So when is he resigning?
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Jason Scott Womack Then you have an opinion and you're biased towards it. There went that talking point. See why you shouldn't post stuff like this yet? You're only stepping deeper into it.
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Andrew Higgins Jason, why not write the opposing view yourself and submit it for consideration? I'm not trying to call you out here, but as a serious consideration. If it means that much to you, then what Tim has said only seems to encourage your voice in the other side of this.

There are so many aspects of this story, athletics, racism, history, and even the journalists who were threatened and physically forced away from this, that there are many opinions on how this is going down. Two professors have resigned also, one because of the journalist thing, one because he was insensitive to the recent arrest on the man threatening to kill black people.

This article is only one window into it, and it comes from a coach's perspective. Take it as it is, and as an opportunity to understand the other hand.

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Jason Scott Womack Did you just miss the part where he said there would not be an opposing viewpoint posted? And I have no desire to write any such thing. To do so would make me an ego driven hypocrite. My entire point, for anyone else who is incapable of reading and understating what I have been saying, is that this organization has no business putting its brand on any opinion having anything to do with that God awful mess at Mizzou. If your looking for someone to argue with about what's going on over there, I'm not what you're looking for.
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Texas Exes Jason Scott Womack We don't have another op-ed on this topic planned. But if you would like to pen one, I would be glad to look at it for possible publication. I would welcome your point of view. Email me directly at --Tim
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Darron Henson Looking forward to Womack's op-ed.
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Jason Scott Womack Thank you for the invite, but there will not be an op-ed penned by me. As I have stated over and over, my issue is not with the opinion, but rather with the fact that this situation is too messy to dive into, and from the looks of it, it's only going to get messier. There is no benefit in picking a side on this one. Hell, to put it pointedly, both sides have failed. That's why things blew up. But in the end, I just do not want my beloved alumni organization involved in controversial politics. I will be respectfully emailing Tim my full reasons for not writing an opinion piece on this.
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Richard Rafferty Completely disingenuous response Texas Exes. Not every article or Op-ed from the Alcalde makes its way online. You choose to put this one up, giving it mileage and traction.
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Angie Sharp Yeah, this was wrong. SMH.
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Matt Hendrickson I'm sorry, but the op-ed was written by a faculty member that is an expert in what? I'm only asking because an expert speaking on an issue of general interest can't be an expert on general interest unless I missed a class. What are their credentials to say shutting down the education of the other 99% is ok?
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Matt Hendrickson Wait, I looked it up. Double major in honours and government, and he had a very short career in the nfl. Does he have qualifications I didn't list?
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Kendra Clark Has the author even seen the new facts being revealed in the past 36 hours. The protest is a fabricated hoax by a group of liars spreading fear. The student president at MU needs to be expelled. I am sad that the football players and coach did not get all the facts before they put their support in for a bunch of liars. A good man's career was ruined - and Texas Exes magazine allowed it to be applauded. Sad.
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Frank Schiffel Part of the problems were by the legislature. I worked for the state there. Legislators have pull, they can influence funding and change laws. They wrote a law illegal aliens are not Missouri residents and do not qualify for anything but foreign nation...See More
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Jamal Allen One of the reasons my wife and I chose to attend UT was to be exposed to all type viewpoints, even those we might personally disagree with. As long as the discussion is conducted in a respectful manner, there should be no topics that are off limits, including this one.
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Jason Scott Womack This is not the right forum for this.
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Jamal Allen This is a magazine devoted to covering issues of concern to UT alumni. Like it or not, UT is a football factory and this incident was the first time that collegiate football players exercised their leverage to weigh in on campus issues. That's very much relevant for all colleges including UT.
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Jason Scott Womack They didn't cover the issue. They posted an opinion of it. Before the facts came out, no less. So I'm going to say, one final time, that this organization should not be giving out opinions, one way or the other, on matters as controversial as this.
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Jamal Allen Wow, I don't see a controversy here. The fact that a disturbed young man is in jail for threatening to kill the black students on Mizzou's campus pretty much tells me that at least some of the complaints about a hostile campus environment for minorities are valid.
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Jason Scott Womack He doesn't. See. A controversy. My goodness.
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It gets better:
Toan Le I imagine that many people will disagree with this point of view and if your publishing of it. I don't agree with a bully tactic in negotiation. I am canceling my membership to Texas ex and will not donate to you anymore.
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Texas Exes Toan Le Hi Toan, Thanks for reading and for commenting. This is an opinion article from the director of UT's Center for Sports Leadership and Innovation. We bring it to you, as we do any opinion article, not as the representation of the organization'sviews (it is not) but as a thoughtful point of view from a faculty expert. You are of course welcome to disagree, and we value your opinion. --Tim Taliaferro, Editor in Chief, The Alcalde
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Mike Morrison Texas Exes why is the op-ed being promoted on social media? Makes it look like the Texas Exes endorse it.
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Texas Exes Mike Morrison We promote any article we publish on social media. --Tim
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Larry Jordan I question the status of expert that you give to the author of that pitiful piece.
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Jarrett Kwiatek Good responses Texas Exes. I disagree with the author's Op-Ed (as it seems there are some inconsistencies with the focal person, Jonathan Butler) ... but I can appreciate the need in society for diverse opinions and ideas. People can respectfully disagree.
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Laurie Pruser-Stockman I stopped a while back because it seems that the alumni aren't really appreciated for their wisdom and experience. Just our monetary contributions and not long unless they're substantial.
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Marshall Bryant I stopped sending money to UT when Bill Powers made it virtually impossible for my grandchildren to go there because they lack diversity.
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James Montalbano The libtards have landed at the Alumni Center.
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George Hyde Agree. I'm out too.
LOL, keep going:
Brandon Fain Shame on Texas Exes for wasting time on this. Where is the op ed piece from a journalism prof. about the horrible treatment of media who are supposed to be covering this scam in Columbia?
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Texas Exes Brandon Fain Good idea. -- Tim Taliaferro, Editor in Chief, The Alcalde
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Dennis Roberson Exactly - the best "lessons from Missouri" pieces I have read today focus on the blatant suppression of free speech and free press exhibited by the protestors and the unjustifiable actions by some faculty members going along with it and stoking it
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But wait, there's more:
Chris Bohn lol, reading info about U of M and what really happened
1) fecal swastika, no first person accounts, a friend of a friend saw it
2) hangers for some lanterns for a party were nooses up in the tree
3) KKK was on campus, no action against the student that perpetrated this false information.
The story is falling apart faster than hands up don't shoot.
And as the prof who probably committed felonies on camera under Missouri law, not to mention the misdemeanors, well she is still a prof, she just resigned as an adviser on a committee.

What is really chilling is the loss of free speech at most universities, Texas included. Have you read the current UT "speech" code? The mere fact that there IS a speech code at an institution of higher learning degrades same said institution.

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Kay Perkins Kersh ABSURD!!! A SPEECH CODE!!! What happened to common sense, decency, intelligence!!! I am so glad my kids are OUT!!!
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And more still:
Laurie Pruser-Stockman I learned it was all based upon a lie and that if that lie is promoted, that good people will become targets and possibly be harmed in more than one way with retaliation for their supposed crimes.
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Bob Dobbs You learned wrong, Laurie.
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Laurie Pruser-Stockman Bob Dobbs no, I didn't. I actually didn't form an opinion until more facts were known. It was all based upon a lie.
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Kay Perkins Kersh Bob Dobbs, You are wrong!
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Our sentiments exactly:
George Hyde Glad to see the overwhelming response to this article is negative as judged by the comments section. This is the University of Texas we are talking about anyways, not Missouri. Hook Em
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This guy said it best:
Ken Doss Why would you promote this drivel?
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Bottom Line: As much of a travesty as this past week's events at #Mizzou have been, if they provoke a rebellion against the U.T. politburo from the Texas Exes rank and file, that's a win!!!

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