Sunday, November 29, 2015

Revelation 1:1 -- The REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST

"The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants—things which must shortly take place. And He sent and signified it by His angel to His servant John,"
Revelation 1:1

Pastor Danny Forshee, Great Hills Baptist Church, January, 19 2014:

  1. Who, When, and Where?!?
    - "The Beloved Apostle John"
         - The only Apostle who didn't die a martyrs death.
         - Pastor for 30 years in Ephesus.
    - Written around A.D. 95
    - Written from PATMOS.
         - Rock quarry prison.
         - Where Rome sent Rapists and Murderers.
  2. What are the interpretative methods of the Book of Revelation?!?
    - Prederest - About past events that have already happened.
    - Historical - Jesus will return after 1000 years of peace on Earth
         - VERY popular pre-WWI
    - Idealist - Book of symbols and metaphors.
    - Futuristic - Events HAVEN'T HAPPENED YET!!!
         - Pastor Danny's (and our own) personal view.
  3. Why study prophecy?!?
    - It is Biblical.
    - It increases our knowledge of (and devotion to) Jesus Christ.
    - It is beneficial.
  • Revelation will draw you to Christ and deepen your relationship.
  • If there is one message the Devil does NOT want to get out; it's this one.
  • Revelation is the only book God promises you He will bless you if you study.
    • "Prepare yourself to be blessed."
  • Satan tries to keep God's people away from Revelation.
  • "My primary goal is not knowledge but life transformation."
  • "In the midst of such agonies, the Lord uniquely revealed to John in a vision."
  • The Church does not appear between Chapters 4 & 19.
  • Martin Luther didn't like Revelation.
  • John assumes you know your Old Testament.
  • You can quit or you can persevere.
  • "In Genesis, you have the dawn of Satan and his activities; in Revelation, you have the doom of Satan and his activities."
  • "If you know Christ, you have nothing to fear; if you don't know Christ you have EVERYTHING to FEAR!!!

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