Saturday, June 24, 2017

Dallas Morning News Concern Trolls Ted Cruz....

"For there is no faithfulness in their mouth;
Their inward part is destruction;
Their throat is an open tomb;
They flatter with their tongue."
Psalm 5:9

We will confess to having mixed feelings about the Health Care bill currently winding its way through the United States Senate.  On the one hand, it's obviously a betrayal of any number of GOP campaign promises.  On the other hand, GOP betrayal of campaign promises is nothing new, and we think a case can be made for banking what's currently on the table then coming back and asking for more in the next round.

But either way, today's Dallas Morning News article about Ted Cruz allegedly threatening his 'new reputation as a deal maker' in the U.S. Senate is cute.

Check out the shrieking headline:
Ted Cruz's opposition to Senate health care bill will test whether he's deal maker or still just agitator
Followed by:
WASHINGTON — The agitator. The obstructionist. The bomb-thrower.

All of those depictions of Sen. Ted Cruz were ripe to be dusted off Thursday as the Texan joined three other Republican senators in jeopardizing the Senate GOP’s Obamacare replacement plan by announcing opposition to the bill just hours after it was released.


Much has been made in recent months about Cruz’s emergence as a team player, a truly foreign role for the one-time presidential contender who staked his outsider credentials on bucking GOP leadership with theatrics like trying to shut down the government.

His latest gambit — which stands in stark contrast to the approach of his fellow Texan, Sen. John Cornyn — puts that charm offensive to the test.
The article then goes on to detail of the "oh so important" relationships Cruz could be jeopardizing;  in paragraph 21, they finally get around to mentioning that Cruz has a very tangible path to yes.

Read the whole thing here.

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