Monday, August 7, 2017

UT politburo invents arbitrary "Sexual assault" policy to please big donor; predictably, gets sued....

"They utter speech, and speak insolent things;
All the workers of iniquity boast in themselves."
Psalm 94:4

We can't even....
According to the lawsuit filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Austin, Fenves on April 12 overruled a university hearing officer who determined that there had been no assault. In a letter informing the student of his suspension, Fenves asserted that the woman was highly intoxicated and “someone who is intoxicated cannot give consent to sexual activity because they are incapacitated.”

Fenves, citing testimony by a witness who attended the formal, added, “While parties may disagree as to whether intoxication and incapacitation are synonymous, certainly, someone described as: ‘incredibly intoxicated, no longer coherent, at a point where she needed to be taken home away from the event because she couldn’t form sentences,’ meets the definition of incapacitated.”

The lawsuit accuses Fenves of coming up with his own standard for incapacitation and ignoring the university’s standard, which defines it as “a state of being that prevents an individual from having the capacity to give consent” and “could result from the use of drugs or alcohol.”

The lawsuit also says Fenves has a possible conflict of interest because the father of the woman is a university donor who gave a significant sum within a month of her allegations. And, while the school’s investigation was ongoing, the lawsuit says the university brought on the father to be an adviser at the school.

Brian Roark, the attorney who filed the suit, said in a statement to the American-Statesman that if Fenves’ decision stands, it would subject “thousands of innocent students to being kicked out of school for engaging in behavior that is both legal and within the acceptable norm for many, if not most, Americans of college age, whether they are students or not.”
 Some thoughts:
  • No one is hurt more by specious accusations of "sexual assault" than real rape victims.
  • That this was all done at the behest of a major donor is SUCH a UT thing to do.
Bottom Line: Please let this be the scandal that finally brings the reign of the criminals running this institution to an end....

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