Wednesday, August 9, 2017

#TXLEGE: Watered down Property tax reform proceeds (with a twist)....

"Who would form a god or mold an image
That profits him nothing?"
Isaiah 44:10

The Good News: SB 1, the automatic property tax rollback election bill, will be considered by the full house on Saturday (but note that they're still waiting three days before holding the vote).

The Bad News: The bill was substantially weakened in committee from the version that passed out of the Senate; specifically the following changes were made:
  • The taxing entity gets to choose the date of the rollback election instead of having the election automatically scheduled for a uniform November election date.
  • The automatic rollback trigger has been raised from 4% to 6%.
  • There is a much bigger exemption for small taxing entities (which screws the rural folks).
The Worse News: During today's calendars committee hearing, Ken King added a rule for floor debate would prohibit any member from offering amendments on either second and third reading.

Bottom Line: This bill is headed to a conference committee that won't have a lot of time.  As it currently stands, it will not be sufficient for the Senate.  We have no idea whether house leadership is willing to risk a second special session by playing hardball on this issue.


Note: Audio of today's calendars committee meeting....

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