Thursday, October 31, 2013

How Popular IS Abortion Barbie?!?

So popular that Democrats can't get anyone to run for her Texas Senate seat:
Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns won’t run for the Senate seat left open by Wendy Davis’ decision to run for governor, greatly increasing already high odds that the seat will go from the Democrats to the Republicans.


Burns was the Democrats’ best hope of holding a seat that shouldn’t, by the numbers, be theirs to begin with. Davis has won twice in the district, both times in years when the presidency was on the ballot and when Barack Obama was the Democratic nominee. In years with a governor’s race leading the ticket and no national election, it moves from a Republican-leaning swing district to a Republican district.

Davis would have had a challenging re-election had she stayed, and the question now is whether anyone else on the Democratic side can make a race of it this year. Burns, who is both well-known and politically plugged in, was their first choice, and now he’s out.
Read the whole thing here.


Konni Burton is our endorsed candidate in SD-10

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