Friday, August 18, 2017

#TXLEGE: How the LAWLESS Texas house operates

"They only consult to cast him down from his high position;
They delight in lies;
They bless with their mouth,
But they curse inwardly. Selah"
Psalm 62:4

[Note: There was video we saw earlier on Facebook from when Huberty moved to vote on the property tax bill without considering amendments, but we can no longer find it; we'll include it in a separate post if it shows up.]

For as disappointing as the special session was on so many policy fronts, it certainly produced some humdinger examples of house leadership acting lawlessly....

Ending the session early with several of Governor Abbott's priorities left undone:

  • You can hear the members both objecting and demanding a record vote on the motion.  Any member has the prerogative to make such a motion.  Yet Straus refuses to recognize either.
  • Note: We have no idea why the audio doesn't line up with the video.
Leadership uses unprecedented procedural trickery to prevent amendments on retired teacher health care bill:

  • The calendar rule under consideration would have made it impossible to end the rainy day fund raid.
  • Hunter: "You won't be able to make an amendment that doesn't follow section 2A."
  • Rinaldi: "With two days left in session obviously there's a shortage of time...why is the calendars committee opposed to allowing use to even vote on this opportunity?!?"
  • It's kinda moot after the house's early sine die, but Hunter's comments about wanting to keep the bill moving are painfully disingenuous.  The rule Hunter was proposing would have forced a conference committee, which would have had the practical effect of killing the bill.  The amendment Rinaldi wanted to offer the only way to preserve that bill in a form where the Senate could concur and send it to the Governor.

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