Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Conservative Case for Pot Legalization

This BlazeTV segment from late last month hits the nail on the head: 


  • The controlled Substances Act rests on the foundation of Wickard v. Filbrun.
  • Tancredo nails the Nanny State Aspect; marijuana prohibition is based on the same logic as Michael Bloomberg's soda ban.
  • Amy Holmes is right about Medical; Medical Marijuana is a corrupt scam.
  • Just because you remove prohibition at the federal level does not mean states couldn't continue to prohibit it at the state level.
  • My 2 cents: Marijuana prohibition was enacted in 1937, under Franklin Roosevelt; that should tell Conservatives everything you need to know about this type of Nanny Statism.
  • Another 2 cents: Unlike drunkenness, which the Bible condemns over and over and over again, the Bible is silent on the topic of marijuana.
  • From a Christian perspective, Pat Robertson nails it....

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