Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Debate Review: Ted Cruz vs Some Democrat Buffoon

Tonight, Ted Cruz debated his Democrat opponent Paul Sadler in the Texas U.S. Senate debate.  It wasn't close.  Paul Sadler is a buffoon and Ted wiped the floor with him.

The debate opened with Sadler attacking Ted for not agreeing to debate him six times over the month of October.  Sadler could have scored a cheap point on Ted and moved on, but instead chose to harangue Ted for the first five minutes of the debate over some alleged refusal to debate Sadler.  Ted finally shut Sadler down, telling him: "We are sitting here right now; you can launch every attack you want at me, right here on television."

It got worse from there.

After refusing to tell the audience how much money he had raised, Sadler moved on to asking Ted whether or not Ted considers Barack Obama to be a Christian.  Ted handled himself with class, where I would have been tempted to tell Sadler that I believe Obama worships himself, not God.

The debate discussed the economy, national security, Obamacare, and immigration.  If you followed Ted's primary, you know where he stands on these issues.  Ted explained his positions with the same clarity and common sense that got him elected in the first place.  Sadler, in addition to being incredibly left-wing, was shockingly ill-informed.  For example, in a discussion of Rand Paul's effort to halt foreign aid to Egypt and Libya, Sadler said: "if we don't stay involved in those governments, then Russia, China, those other countries will."  Sadler apparently was unaware that this is already happening; countries that hate America's guts will work together to undermine the United States no matter what we do.  That's no reason for American taxpayers to subsidize their activity.

On a personal note, I'm 99% sure I met Paul Sadler in a bar last year.  While I cannot be certain, the guy I was talking had similar body language and speech patterns to Sadler.  That guy also tried to pin me down on the "do you think Obama's a Christian" question. Again, I cannot be certain I was talking with Paul Sadler, but I strongly suspect so.  Either way, the guy I was talking to had some Occupy Wall St-esque things to say about how Jews control the banking system that I wouldn't put past the guy I saw on stage tonight.

 Ted Cruz was already going to win this race by twenty points; after tonight, he may win by fifty.

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  1. Good Post. I still don't understand how Jews are still Democrats. They are vilified by OWS, leftists, blacks, etc as being too rich. But then again the Jews were never that smart. They saw GOD part the Red Sea, destroy Pharaoh, feed them for 40 years, destroy Jericho, etc and yet they still don't believe. I have wealthy friends who are jewish and they will vote Demoncrapic. I just don't understand...


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