Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Will Feminism Produce Economic and Social Collapse?!?

This woman takes 35 minutes to make a point via evolution and economic determinism that Genesis 2:24 makes in 21 words, but it's interesting nonetheless:

  • Feminism will lead to Economic and Social Collapse.
  • Feminism is a result, not a cause, of Economic Prosperity.
  • Statistically speaking, a woman can't raise her children safely and effectively without a man.
  • Men -- Surplus of Labor, Shortage of Reproductive Ability; Broads (yeah, I said it) -- The Opposite
  • Traditionally, the woman's sexuality became property of the man and his labor became her property.
  • Feminists are only capable of telling half-truths.
  • Being a deadbeat dad is just as bad as being a slut.
  • Marriage protects women from being abandoned after peak fertility.
  • For society to function, you need strong backs (men) and the ability to replace strong backs (broads).
  • Daddy State -- Men pay government, women get public benefits; much more expensive than Families.
        • Eventually, men will stop paying into system
        • Leads to Unproductive Sons and Dependent Daughters
  • 25% of men in the UK are unemployable.
  • Men with children work 44 hours of paid employment per week; broads, if they choose to work, average 35.
Author's note: Yes, I use the phrase 'broads' multiple times in this piece; lighten up, it's a joke!

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