Friday, October 26, 2012

Barack Obama's Heteronormative and Phallocentric attack ad

Heteronormative - The Cultural bias in favor of opposite-sex relationships of a sexual nature, and against same-sex relationships of a sexual nature.

Phallocentric - Centered on men or a male viewpoint, especially one held to entail the domination of women by men.

Yesterday, Barack Obama's campaign released the following ad:

Rush Limbaugh discussed this ad at length today.  I offer dittos to everything Rush said.  There is, however, one point Rush missed.

This misogynistic ad is heteronormative and phallocentric.

Why should this gal lose her 'v-card' to "a great guy;"  couldn't a woman "care whether or not you get health insurance and specifically whether you get birth control"?!?

(That's voting card, you pervert.)

This misogynistic ad propagates the power structure of LGBT subjugation!!!

Or maybe it's Friday afternoon and I just wanted to use the phrase heteronormative and phallocentric! :-)

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