Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Did Lehmberg Hit and Run?!? has done fantastic investigative work.  They're asking if Travis County DA hit and ran another motorist shortly before her arrest.  So far, they've come up with five clues.

Clue #1:  During her arrest, Lehmberg is on tape claiming "I didn't have a collision; they told me I had a collision, but I didn't." (2:23)

Clue #2:  The impound report for Lehmberg's Car notes damage consistent with a front-end collision.

Clue #3: At 10:35 pm, a driver heading in the other direction reported being clipped by a Silver Lexus; btw, the license plate on that Lexus is registered to Lehmberg.

Clue #4Police dashcam video recorded during Lehmberg's traffic stop shows officers discussing a nearby hit and run that was called in moments before they pulled Lehmberg over. [Note: The full video is an hour long, but the relevant portion begins at 13:35].

Clue #5: The police report from the nearby hit-and-run corresponds with the location and time of Lehmberg's traffic stop.

Without pre-judging anything, something smells rotten....

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