Saturday, June 8, 2013

URGENT: Update on the Austin School Bond Lawsuit

Shortly before last month's bond election Travis County Taxpayers Union sued the district over illegal ballot language.  The short version of the lawsuit is that the District lied about the magnitude of potential tax increases.  Last week, the Austin-American Statesman reported that the lawsuit may yet neuter the two bonds that passed; money quote:
The district hopes to hire architects as early as this fall to get project planning underway, but the taxpayer group’s lawsuit could prevent the district from issuing the bonds. The district needs approval from the Attorney General’s office, which typically doesn’t give the green light until any legal challenges of the bonds have been resolved, according to the petition filed by the district.
 Last night, we spoke with Don Zimmerman, Founder and Treasurer of TCTU.  Don thinks there's a respectable chance this lawsuit could prevail.  If it does, it would prevent the district from ever issuing the bonds that passed.

Right now, TCTU needs to raise a little bit of money to move the suit forward.  We're not talking large sums, 2 to 5 grand would go a long way.  Whatever small amount you contribute could help save taxpayer half a Billion dollars.

Cahnman's Musings has never asked readers for money before, but this is a special circumstance where your small contribution could make an outsized impact; donate here.

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