Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wendy Davis Does Not Speak for Me

From Konni Burton, Wendy Davis's likely 2014 opponent:
Right now on the Senate floor, Wendy Davis is filibustering a bill that, if passed, will protect those among us that cannot speak for themselves. Those that do not have a voice. The innocent. The unborn.

Wendy Davis is holding that bill hostage so that it does not pass. She wants the world to think she's doing this to stand for "women" and "families". That, my friends, is the height of hypocrisy. So typical of a politician - to use something like this for political gain.

I say... enough. Wendy Davis does NOT speak for me.

Pass it on.


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In other Tarrant County news related to this filibuster, several conservative members of the Tarrant County House delegation released the following statement this morning:
“Delivering 84,610 blank letters representing those letters that will never be written”

(Austin, TX) In response to Senator Wendy Davis’s request for citizens to send in their stories for her to read during her filibuster on the Senate floor, Conservative Representatives from Tarrant County decided to answer her call Tuesday afternoon by delivering 84,610 blank sheets of paper. Each piece represented a child’s life that was ended in 2011, the most recent year of abortion statistics in Texas.
Texas State Representative Jonathan Stickland commented on the letters, saying “It is my hope and prayer  that Senator Davis would recognize all of the letters that will never be written due to the tragedy of abortion today.”

Referring to the ambulatory services center portion of the legislation, Representative Klick said, “Senate Bill 5 raises the standard of health care for Texas women, but Senator Davis claims it is somehow a ‘war on women’.  Tarrant County constituents know better.  This is simply a political stunt aimed at the far left of the Democratic Party.”
Representative Capriglione said, “I will never meet thousands of my potential constituents - men and women who, instead of serving our great state, have been taken by the tragedy of abortion.”
Representative Krause explained the significance of the letters saying, “As a father of three, the thought of how many innocent pre-born children are denied the most basic right to life every year in Texas is both alarming and heartbreaking. It is my sincerest belief that every life is unique and special, and it is our duty as Americans to defend and advocate for the most fragile and helpless of our society."

Representative Zedler called on Senator Davis saying, “Wendy Davis does not represent the voters of Tarrant County by her actions today. She’s playing political games with the lives of Texans who deserve protection.” 


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  1. She may not speak for you, but she speaks for millions of Americans.


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