Friday, June 21, 2013

Progress Texas: Democrat Push Poll Finds Result Democrats Like

Well huzzah:

Bipartisan Poll: Texas Voters Oppose Abortion Legislation

Screams the headline from Progress Texas; reading further, we learn:
This overwhelming opposition proves that Gov. Perry and the legislature are out of touch and out of control,” said Katrina Mendiola, Executive Director of Engage Texas, a non-partisan organization aimed at increasing civic engagement.
 And who, pray tell, is Engage Texas?!?
Engage Texas is a 501c4 organization that works behind the scenes to coordinate, organize and help seek funding for nonprofits that share progressive goals, but because of campaign finance laws they can not work directly with the Democratic Party. Their communications for partner organizations comes largely through Progress Texas.
 The poll itself was conducted by Stan Greenberg, a.k.a. Bill Clinton's pollster, and contains such gems of questions as:
  • Women's access to health care is being threatened in Texas....agree or disagree?!?
  • A special session of the legislature should focus on issues like education, jobs, and the economy, instead of bringing up social issues like abortion that were already addressed in the regular session of the legislature
  • I trust Governor Perry and the state legislature to make decisions about women's healthcare.
In other words, when you use dishonest language to discuss abortion, you can get results Democrats like; that's not news.

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