Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Could Katrina Pierson challenge Senator John Cornyn?!?

Twenty minutes ago, in response to this article about John Cornyn's potential support of the U.S. Senate amnesty bill, Cahnman's Musings joked with Katrina Pierson about running against John Cornyn in next year's U.S. Senate primary; upon further reflection, this could work.

John Cornyn desperately needs a primary challenge, we just need a candidate.  Katrina Pierson is a warrior for liberty who would begin this race with instant credibility.  Cahnman's Musings encourages her to give this race serious consideration.



Update: Cahnman's Musings was just accused of using a provocative headline to start a rumor, we have two responses:

a) Duh
b) Sometimes a baseless rumor in June becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy in September. 

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