Saturday, June 29, 2013

JoAnn Fleming: We have forgotten the meaning of Stewardship

Last Saturday, before the chaos erupted at the Capitol, Cahnman's Musings attended the Our Nation Campaign Prayer and Unity event at the Texas Capitol.  JoAnn Fleming was one of the speakers.  This is a message every believer needs to hear:

  •  "As Christians, we have forgotten what stewardship means."
  • God doesn't care how right you are on an issue if you don't speak the truth in the right way at the right time and in the right spirit.
  • "Stewardship is about understanding that everything we have belongs to the Lord; the tax dollars they spend in this building [the Texas Capitol] belong to the Lord.  So when politicians waste money, they're wasting God's money.  Until you understand what stewardship is, you really can't understand the right way to make decisions about spending other people's money."
  • We've got to demand more of our elected officials based not on politics, but on stewardship.
  • God is greater than any giants that get in the way.
  • "I would ask you today to pray for our state.  Out state is not nearly as strong as people would lead you to believe.  We have abandoned the principle of living debt-free in the state of Texas.  We will probably end this special session without the pro-life legislation being passed because of games by the people who put the political games together...God have mercy on us and on those men.
  • We are to pray for those in authority over us; there is no fine print that says 'if they agree with you.'

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