Friday, February 7, 2014

Battleground Texas Promotes Sex Trafficking

The other day, Greg Abbott outlined his proposal to increase security on the Texas-Mexico border.  Abbott's proposal expands a successful Perry administration policy.  While insufficient, Abbott's proposal is a worthy stopgap measure given Barack Obama's willful failure to secure the border.

During his remarks, Abbott made a comment how Barack Obama's deliberate failures have enabled third world levels of corruption in parts of South Texas.

Unable to discuss Barack Obama's premeditated failure, Obama's campaign lackeys at Battleground Texas chose cheap racial demagoguery instead:


Unfortunately, the third world practices Barack Obama, Wendy Davis, and Battleground Texas promote have very real consequences:

For many migrants trying to reach the U.S. from Mexico, the border region is a terrifying, lawless place, and their fear is often justified. Things are so bad in Matamoros, a border city just across the Rio Grande from Brownsville, Texas, that last month the city's police were stripped of their weapons, ordered off the streets and replaced by soldiers.

Gang members openly sell pirated gasoline that they've stolen from government pipelines, and lookouts for the drug cartels monitor the south bank of the Rio Grande to make sure no one tries to swim across who hasn't paid for the privilege.

While the overall number of migrants trying to cross illegally into the U.S. has dropped dramatically over the past few years, the trip has grown more dangerous, as some of Mexico's most brutal drug cartels now earn millions of dollars each year from the extortion and smuggling of migrants. Last year, hundreds of migrants went missing or were killed in Mexico, and more than 20,000 were kidnapped.


"There's a lot of criminals at the river. You have to pay to cross the river," Perez says. "And on the other side you have to be careful of the Border Patrol. And there's a lot of crime here in Matamoros right now."

He says the gangs want $100 per person just to let migrants swim across the river; it's $3,000 if you want to get delivered to Dallas. Perez can't even afford to jump into the water.


The drug cartels have turned the extortion of migrants into a highly sophisticated, and lucrative, criminal enterprise. Migrants are abducted and held in so-called safe houses until family members pay ransoms of hundreds or even thousands of dollars for their release. The migrants are regularly beaten.

"In the past, ordinary smugglers abandoned them, extorted them; but now physical abuse is the norm. And it's very strong and very serious," Gallardo says.


"We've had cases where young girls, teenagers, are raped. Cases where migrants are injured when they're attacked either with firearms or a knife. There's the problem of them being used to smuggle drugs across or money," Pena says.

[Emphasis Added]
Or Battleground Texas could speak with their pals in the Obama administration who are doing the dirty work for the Cartels:

Battleground Texas: Enabling the rape of teenage Latinas to protect Barack Obama!!!

About that War on Women....

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