Monday, February 17, 2014

Matt Beebe Picks Up Re-enforcements

Encouraging announcement from Team Beebe:
A generous donor has pledged to match ALL donations to our campaign from now till February 25th. With your help, we can raise the funds necessary to get our conservative message out in the final days of the campaign.


Just like in 2012, Joe is once again block-walking the district. In fact, he’s spending significant time and effort trying desperately to connect with ordinary voters in District 121 – something he has failed to do, even though he beat me in 2012. But we've got a secret weapon – the conservative message that mostly sells itself. I have been across the district, and day after day, I personally witness the same positive responses our volunteer walk teams have reported on Saturdays.

Voters in this district ARE keyed into this race much more than they ever were in 2012. Our key issues mailers are hitting mailboxes across the district, and there are more to come. But we still need a little help with fundraising to ensure we finish strong. I never expected to meet Joe Straus dollar for dollar, but we DO need additional help getting our message out.


It is quite clear that the liberals and moderates will need Joe Straus EVEN MORE than he needs them next session. THEY will need to hide behind him to stall and derail the conservative reforms that are coming. Coming only if we can beat him.

The outcome of this race WILL impact each and every Texan.
Read the whole thing here.


Read our endorsement of Matt here; donate (PLEASE!!!) here.

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