Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Katrina Pierson battles princes of Hip-Hop

Just found this video of Katrina Pierson on friggin B.E.T. from a year and a half ago:

  • "It's a breakdown in the home, it's a breakdown in Parenting."
  • "The ultimate responsibility is on the parent."
  • "Unfortunately, we do have a breakdown in the home, which is why I'm participating in the Tea Party movement."
  • Different parts of the culture work together and the hip-hop culture undermines black family culture.
  • The "N-word" - If you can't use it at work, you probably shouldn't use it at home.
Conservatives often talk about how we need to engage the culture and minority 'outreach.'  Katrina went into the lion's den, on friggin B.E.T., to counter two rappers who (had they sold their souls a little faster in the 1990's) could have been just as big as Jay-Z.  She slayed the twin beasts of Hip-Hop culture and welfare-state Marxism in one blow.  In a month, we have the opportunity to send this same person TO CONGRESS!!!  Or we can RePete the mistakes of the past....

Choose wisely, CD-32, choose wisely.


Read our endorsement here; donate to Katrina's campaign here.

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