Tuesday, February 18, 2014

One of these arrests is not like the others....

[Full Disclosure: Your author has been arrested four times for alcohol related misdemeanors, but we never led police on a high speed chase.]

"He pulls a knife, you pull a gun; he sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue."
The Untouchables 

It started when John Cornyn and Karl Rove went after Steve Stockman on a 30 year old drug charge:
He has been jailed more than once, and was charged with a felony after one such incident when authorities found valium in his pants.
It continued when Pete Sessions went after Katrina Pierson over a 17 year old petty larceny:
On and off the campaign trail, congressional candidate Katrina Pierson sometimes discusses the hardscrabble background that she says ultimately made her a conservative firebrand.

The troubles in her youth, records show, included an arrest for shoplifting.

In 1997, five days before her 21st birthday, Katrina Pierson, then named Katrina Lanette Shaddix, was arrested on a charge of theft of greater than $50 and less than $500.
Which brings us to Skip Ogle.

Now who, pray tell, is Skip Ogle?!?

Skip Ogle is a cable television lobbyist running against Matt Schaefer in the primary for Texas House District 6 (near Tyler).  He's closely aligned with Joe Straus.  He's also the guy who led Dallas Police on a High Speed Chase:

It should go without saying that a high speed chase in an urban area is a much bigger threat to public safety than petty larceny or a couple Valiums.

The Texas Republican establishment brought this upon itself.  Texans expect our elected representatives to enact conservative public policies or be held accountable.  During accountability season, we'd prefer to stick to the issues.  But if John Cornyn and Pete Sessions want to drag ancient personal history into these campaigns, then Joe Straus' handpicked recruits will have to endure more scrutiny.  For every Valium or petty larceny of ours, we'll just have to expose every reckless, urban, high-speed police chase of yours....

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