Monday, February 17, 2014

History Lesson: The "Third World Practices" ignored by Barbie (and Battleground)

A couple weeks ago, in a speech on border security, Greg Abbott described how public corruption is a root cause of many undesirable activities in South Texas.  Rather than engage the issue, Team Wendy and Battleground Texas chose to protect sex traffickers.  Thankfully, George Rodriguez chronicles the worst abuses:
The Democrats, particularly the liberal Hispanics, immediately cried out foul, used the race card, and organized a phone bank to call voters in the Valley to spin and fan the controversy. They conveniently ignore the fact that the vast majority of scandals have involved Hispanic Democrats.

If anyone should be offended, it is the people of the Valley and the rest of Texas.

Consider these scandals:

The Hidalgo County Panama Unit - Nine law enforcement officers and three drug traffickers have all been charged in five separate criminal complaints over the past five months. Among those named was Jonathan TreviƱo, a Mission police officer who is the son of Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe TreviƱo.

The Progreso school district and contracts - The "Pay To Play" bribery scandal has so far snared Mayor Omar Vela, his former school board president brother Michael Vela and their former school district transportation director father Jose Guadalupe Vela.

Cameron county DA - Cameron County District Attorney Armando R. Villalobos was sentenced to 13 years in federal prison. Villalobos was one of a number of lawyers involved with a now-convicted former South Texas judge, Abel Limas, who admittedly accepted cash for court favors.

Politiqueras – “Politiqueras” are a tradition is the Valley. They have been accused of various forms of voter fraud over the years — including acquiring and filling out the mail-in ballots of elderly or disabled voters — but the arrests were one of the first times that politiqueras were accused of paying cash directly to voters. Recently, two alleged "politiqueras," were arrested after an FBI investigation determined they were paying voters money, food, and cigarettes for their votes. The investigation alleges that the two worked as "politiqueras" during the 2012 primary election and the general election.

If these four examples, all involving Hispanics and Democrats, aren’t enough to draw comparison to the 3rd World, then we can all deny the sun rises in the east.


South Texas has been dominated by Democrat Party political bosses for decades, and they have controlled the economy and the people. Until state and federal law enforcement moved in, the scandals were ignored or hidden by the locals. Let’s bring this culture of political corruption out into the sunlight and sanitize it… and let’s not fear the phony outrage by liberals who are responsible for the very corruption.
Why discuss a serious issue when you can pursue racial demagoguery and protect sex traffickers?!?

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