Monday, February 17, 2014

Katrina Pierson wows the public

The Lexington Libertarian details a recent Katrina Pierson appearance:
We, a band of concerned citizens, gathered in a church in a small Texas City, Rowlett, to greet, meet and listen to Katrina Pierson who is challenging Rep. Pete Sessions for the Republican Congressional nomination in the 32nd District of Texas.

After some meet and greet mingling she stood before us to tell her story. My jaw literally dropped, my mouth hung open and my eyes moistened.

She told us that her mother was pregnant with her at the age of 14 years. She was raised on welfare. She herself was pregnant at 19, married and divorced quickly. Her mother succumbed to the drug culture. It was her Grandmother who helped raise Katrina and who helped Katrina raise her son. She was involved in a bad car crash. She had her youthful brush with the law.

It took her ten years to graduate from college but not before her senior paper was destroyed in her computer that literally caught fire. She had to sit down and do it all over with only days left for submission. And in the midst of all that her Grandmother died and she was all alone, a single mother with a son to take care of and school to finish.

She told us she had a good friend who was a single mother like herself who worked at Taco Bell but that just wasn’t enough money to get by. So her friend applied for food stamps but the government said you make too much money to qualify, but if you go on welfare we can give you food stamps, housing assistance and all sorts of help.

Katrina vowed that she would not be trapped in the welfare maze.

She told us, “I clawed my way out of poverty. I did it on my own. I could only have done this in America. I would not have survived anywhere else.”

“I LIVED IT,” she went on to say. “I understand what it’s like to struggle.” And the Democrat redistribution model of government dependency is not the way to go, she said in so many words.

OMG! You could have heard a pin drop. Now here is a real person, one who has fought the good fight, been knocked down, got up, dusted herself off and got knocked down again only to get up again to fight another day. Now here is a woman who has suffered but is stronger as a result. Here is a woman who knows what life is all about. Here is the real, deal who isn’t buying government dependence.

But make it she did. Pierson became a Hospital Level 1 Administrator. She raised her son well, who is today 17 years old. She founded the Garland Tea Party. She has been Neil Cavuto’s Privacy Expert on FOX News for the last 5 years.
Read the whole thing here.


Read our endorsement of Katrina here; donate to her campaign here.

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