Wednesday, September 30, 2015

LOL, 17 #TXLEGE RINO's attempting to waft behind Cruz's campaign....

"Therefore by their fruits you will know them."
Matthew 7:20


Update: It's worth mentioning that, at the beginning of the summer, we were considering keeping a running tally of which Presidential candidates Texas legislators were supporting, but we decided against this because we thought something like this might happen.


Ted Cruz's Presidential campaign released a list of supporters from the Texas Legislature this morning.  It' interesting list.  It reveals the degree to which Ted Cruz defines politics in this state.

The overwhelming majority of solid conservatives in both chambers endorse Cruz.  In the Texas Senate, all of the Senators who endorsed him are solid.  In the Texas House, 15 out of the 19 Scott Turner supporters endorsed Cruz.

But this list gets interesting when you look at the Straus supporters who've endorsed Cruz.

While a few of the Straus supporters are middle-of-the-pack House members, the list also features some of the WORST RINO's in the Texas House.

Empower Texans compiles an index to measure legislators on economic issues.  Texas Values has a similar index for Faith and Family issues.  On that note, consider the following from the recently concluded legislative session:

Obviously, these folks think getting their name in a Ted Cruz Presidential press release (and the pictures that will inevitably follow) will obscure their mediocre and worse records in the legislature.

Bottom Line: Ted Cruz clearly attracts support from both conservatives and people who are scared to death of conservatives.


* - Dan Flynn led the Wallace Hall impeachment fiasco.

** - Larry Phillips helped illegally cock-block Constitutional Carry.

*** - Debbie Riddle almost killed a pro-Life bill in an obscure legislative committee.

**** - Wayne Smith killed the TESLA bill.

***** - John Zerwas is openly pro-Obamacare.

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