Thursday, September 3, 2015

#NoRePete: Sessions tells citizen "You're Making Enemies"...

"Deliver the poor and needy;
Free them from the hand of the wicked."
Psalm 82:4

In the midst of a longer story about the (commendable) efforts to remove John Bohener in the U.S. House, DFW radio host Grant Stinchfield relays this ASTONISHING (*) story about Pete Sessions:
In the fall of 2013 Congressman Pete Sessions looked me in the eye and told me I needed to get out of radio because I was making enemies. Here clearly didn't like my limited government, anti-incumbent message I push over the air. We were in a suite at Cowboys Stadium. The Cowboys were playing the Redskins, but the game I was focused on was my own match, Conservative vs. Establishment, Stinchfield vs. Sessions. I leaned in slowly towards the Congressman, I smiled back at him and whispered, “I think you should get out Congress, its YOU who are making enemies.” We didn’t speak again.

It was at that moment I lost all respect for the man who was supposed to be representing “we the people” in Washington. I realized Rep. Pete Sessions, sadly represents only himself and the ruling class of career politicians he conspires with. If Sessions is afraid of a radio host, how is he going to take on the President of the United States?


Every time he puts self-interest above national interest he harms America. Tell Rep. Sessions what I told him in that suite at Cowboys Stadium, It’s time he gets out of office because he’s making enemies at home, enemies out of conservative voters.
Read the whole thing here.


* - Actually, if you're familiar with his M.O., Pete Sessions acting like a bully is par for the course.

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