Thursday, September 20, 2018

#TXLEGE: Texas Association of Business endorses candidate who opposes their top legislative priority

"They profess to know God, but in works they deny Him, being abominable, disobedient, and disqualified for every good work."
Titus 1:16

Julie Johnson is Matt Rinaldi's Democrat general election opponent; she was just endorsed by the Texas Association of Business:

[Note: Johnson's endorsement is on the second page of TAB's press release.]

Just as a reminder, here's how the Texas Association of Business feels about mandatory municipal "sick leave" entitlements:
The Texas Association of Business intends to put the full weight of its organization behind legislation to stop paid sick leave ordinances passed by Austin and being considered in other Texas cities.

The biggest business organization in the state is “cautiously optimistic” Austin’s paid sick leave ordinance will get tossed out in a lawsuit filed by the Texas Public Policy Foundation,” Jeff Moseley, CEO of the TAB, said, in an interview with The Texas Monitor.

Moseley said TAB agreed to be the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit the Texas Monitor reported on at the end of April because “We had to stop the bleeding.” San Antonio advocates have gathered, unofficially, enough signatures to push for paid sick leave on a citywide ballot in November. Dallas advocates are gathering signatures in attempt to do the same thing.

Should there be delay in a court decision on the Austin ordinance and any other cities approve, however, it is clear paid sick leave will be a marquee issue in what has become a regular rite of the Legislature: blunting local overreach.

“We had heard the same thing was being done in other urban areas that was done in Austin, which is why we got involved, like Uber in Austin, which we consider an overreach in local authority,” Moseley said.

At the end of the 2015 session, Gov. Greg Abbott signed legislation that overturned a ban on fracking in Denton. Two years later, Abbott signed legislation rescinding an Austin ordinance that required drivers for ridesharing companies to be fingerprinted by the city.

“We believe the best place for sick leave to be settled is with the employer and employee, not with some vague and unenforceable ordinance,” Moseley told The Texas Monitor.
 And how, pray tell, did Julie Johnson choose to attack Matt Rinaldi in a recent campaign video:

Sooo...the Texas Association of Business just endorsed a candidate who opposes legislative preemption of municipal "sick leave" entitlements.


The municipal "sick leave" entitlement observation speaks for itself, but in researching this Julie Johnson character, we found a couple other gems.

From her campaign website:

With all due respect to Ms. Johnson, allowing cities to set their own minimum wage rates is BONKERS.

But what's REALLY bonkers is that an alleged "business" organization would ever support such a thing.

But wait....there's more!!!

Guess who else has endorsed Ms. Johnson:

In other words, the Texas Association of Business just endorsed a candidate who's also been endorsed by the thugs and stormtroopers that are pushing these municipal "sick leave" entitlements in the first place.

Bottom Line: Real winner you've got there, Texas Association of Business....

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