Saturday, September 22, 2018

#TXSEN: Random Thoughts on Cruz and Bobby Francis' first "debate"

"Because of the transgression of a land, many are its princes;
But by a man of understanding and knowledge
Right will be prolonged."
Proverbs 28:2

We don't feel like organizing them into a long-form write up, but some thoughts:
  • This debate was very similar to the immigration debate between Dan Patrick and Julian Castro in 2014.  Like Castro, Bobby Francis came out strong.  He was high energy (more on that below).  Like Patrick, Cruz took some time to get going.  But, also like Patrick, by the fifteen minute mark, Cruz was firmly in control and he never relinquished it.
  • Also like Castro: By the end of the debate, Bobby Francis was reduced to spouting the same three talking points.
  • Speaking of Bobby Francis: Was he on amphetamines?!?  Whatever the reason, his initial burst of energy turned into a bizarre type of hyperactivity.  What was up with his hands?!?
  • Immigration: Cruz supports securing the border and coming up with a more rational system of legal.  Bobby Francis' for straight-up amnesty.  You do realize this is Texas...right?!?
  • The only thing stupider than discussing the NFL protests in the first place was Bobby Francis comparing them to Selma.
  • Health Care: It's not a secret that we wish Cruz would discuss this topic more.  Cruz listed good principles, though we still wish he would put together his own comprehensive plan.  Bobby Francis, by contrast, supports socialized medicine.  This isn't close.
  • Bobby Francis drinking game: Drink every time he says...
    • "I visited every county in Texas."
    • "I want to work with Trump when I can, and oppose him when I must."
    • "Republicans, Democrats, Independents coming together...."
  • #2A: Cruz badly exposed Bobby Francis ignorance about firearms.  Bobby Francis called AR-15's "weapons of war."  It only takes 10 seconds on Wikipedia.

    That being said, when Bobby Francis says "I support the second amendment," he's lying.  PERIOD.  END OF STORY.
  • Criminal Justice: This was the most interesting section of the debate.  It's not a secret that this author's views on criminal justice don't line up neatly with any faction.  That being said, Cruz was absolutely correct when he pointed out that hateful, over the top, anti-police rhetoric leads to things like the Dallas shooting.  Bobby Francis' obsession with turing everything into a racial issue was sad.
  •  That being said, there was one person who liked Bobby Francis' constant obsession with race:

  • Bobby Francis denigrates prayer.  Wow.  Just wow.
  • Economy: 'Bout dadgum time they got to this.  Cruz strong in discussing how we need to continue path of deregulation [Note: More of this please!!!] and tax relief/simplification.  Bobby Francis' overzealously delivers stale talking points about "tax cuts for the rich" even know...the rich like high taxes.
  • An hour long debate on "domestic issues" and...NOT.  A.  SINGLE.  DAMN.  QUESTION...about Federal SPENDING!!!
Bottom Line:  What you'd expect.  Contrast speaks for itself.  This is Texas.

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