Friday, October 5, 2018

The Long Term Solution to our George P. Bush problem

"Woe to those who devise iniquity,
And work out evil on their beds!
At morning light they practice it,
Because it is in the power of their hand."
Micah 2:1

Confession: Over the past couple weeks, since George P. Bush started mucking around with the land offices' school finance obligations, this author has had quiet discussions about putting together a group effort to torpedo his candidacy in November.  But that won't happen.  Post-Kavanaugh, people are simply too mad at the Democrats to do them this sort of a favor.

But the George P. problem isn't going away.

There is, however, a solution (even if he gets a second term): Impeachment.

According to Article 15 of the Texas Constitution, the power of impeachment lies with the legislature.  The house has the authority to impeach statewide officers for pretty much any reason they want [Note: This power was abused a few years back].  If a simple majority in the house votes to impeach, it goes to trial in the Senate.  If two-thirds of the Senators vote to convict, the office-holder is removed.

Obviously, this would be a drastic step.  But it might be a necessary one.  He's not backing down on this Alamo nonsense.  And what he's doing with school finance is a gigantic threat to property tax reform/relief.

That being said, George P. should not be impeached over transgressions committed during his first term.  The voters had a chance to weigh in on that one back in March.  They'll get another opportunity next month.  Bush survived the first and is likely to survive the second.  So his first term has been settled.  But any new offenses that occur after he's sworn in for the second term are fair game.  Does anyone those offenses will inevitably occur?!?

Bottom Line: George P. Bush is going to get re-elected.  But there are still ways to hold him accountable in a second term.  They might just have to be used....

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