Monday, October 7, 2013

Travis County Tax Assessor Helps Battleground Texas

[Author's Note: Travis County Tax Assessor Bruce Elfant is the second from the left in this picture; Austin City Manager Marc Ott is standing between Elfant and the President.]

 From the website of Lake Travis Democrats:


Help Turn Texas Blue

Join Us to Hear

Andrew Dove, Organizing Fellow for Battleground Texas.  Battleground Texas is forming neighborhood teams of volunteers throughout the state to expand the electorate by registering voters and turning them out in elections.
Bruce Elfant, County Tax Assessor, will introduce his offices’ new web program for identifying and registering voters
In other words, a public servant who is supposed to serve all citizens equally is abusing his office to promote partisan political activity.

But, of course, he's a Travis County Democrat, so ethical standards need not apply.

The culture of corruption among Travis County Democrats continues....


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  1. Please read for meaning. Bruce Elfant is one of two invited speakers at our monthly meeting. His portion of our meeting has no relationship to the Turn Texas Blue Speaker which is our other speaker. Mr. Elfants presence is not an endorsement of any organization, but is a public service to the residents of Lakeway and Travis County. Please refrain from attack politics. - Robert Sheldon, Lake Travis Democrats Vice President and Webmaster.

  2. Bruce Elfant will speak to any citizens group about the workings of his office. I surely think that sharing information on voter registration is still non partisan. Linda Wiles, Program Chair Lake Travis Democrats.

  3. Actually Bruce will come out for any group over 10 people.

    Maybe you have never asked?
    Maybe you aren't interested in getting people registered?
    Maybe you don't really care what the truth is?

    Surely not.

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