Thursday, March 7, 2013

TheBlazeTV does CSCOPE

 Glenn Beck devoted his entire television program to an expose on CSCOPE today.

First up, David Barton explains the origins of CSCOPE in the Texas Textbook wars of 3-4 years ago:

  • Since SBOE monitors curriculum, they call CSCOPE 'instructional material.'
  • Teaching globalism, not American Exceptionalism.
  • Taking out: Nathan Hale, Liberty Bell, Christopher Columbus' faith.
  • Replacing with: Respect and fairness, Dolores Huerta.
  • Replacing George Washington with Kay Bailey Hutchinson (yeah, wrap your mind around that one!)
  • Emphasis on Contemporary over History.
  • Refused to teach abundance alongside scarcity: "The other members considered all resources scarce."

Next, two teachers talk about CSCOPE from the Inside:

  • CSCOPE sets up a system where educrats control everything.
  • Shocked by the mediocrity of the content.
  • Teachers are constantly monitored by educrats.
  • Teachers have been fired for speaking out to school boards.
  • "There's tremendous coercion."
Finally, Texas Senator Dan Patrick, chair of the Senate Education committee updates the state of play in his committee's ongoing investigation of CSCOPE:

  • Talks about the runaround he's gotten: CSCOPE formed the shell company to hide everything.
  • "We don't have the votes" to shut down CSCOPE.
  • Apple will probably put CSCOPE out of business.

You can read the Blaze's write-up of this episode here.

Finally, if you don't yet get theBlazeTV, you can get it here.


  1. Thank you Adam
    I find it interesting that the teachers union, who can bus in bus upon bus load of teachers to the capital for a budget discussion, is silent on the fact that advancing communist propaganda—has no reaction at all.
    We often forget that the cell that destroyed Russia under Lenis, who was only invited in as a consultant, was less than 100 people—who took Russia into a darkness they are still struggling to awaken from.
    Now we in this nation have not only a communist in the white house, his Chicago cell of communist has come with him. Now they are affecting the very foundation of everything American in this nation.

    How the damn white folk in this nation don't wake up and deal with this communist bastard is beyond reason.

    To think that 42% of whites in this nation--who we have to hypothesize are at least American--don't vote allowing this tragedy to result is beyond comprehension. Is ignorance in this nation our piped piper’s song of our own destruction?

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