Monday, March 4, 2013

ACTION ALERT: Texas House Republicans Cave on Obamacare?!?

Wow; according to RedState, Texas House Republicans are going wobbly on Obamacare:
Republican Texas State Representatives will [meet] at 1pm CT today consider caving on Obamacare.
According to our sources, both inside and outside the legislature, that's not going to happen.  Texas House Republicans seem to understand the folly of Medicaid expansion.  Still, it never hurts to remind them how you feel.

First, contact YOUR legislator via the link above; also, we recommend you also contact House Speaker Joe Straus; the Texas House Speaker website doesn't give the number to his Capital Office, but you can reach his district office at (210) 828-4411.

Update: You can also reach the Speaker on Twitter: @speakerstraus

Empower Texans has more here.

Update II (7 pm): Texas House Republicans did the right thing.

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