Friday, March 22, 2013

Rabbi Daniel Lapin on Economics, Faith, and the Old Testament

Rabbi Daniel Lapin stopped by TheBlaze recently to promote his new book, but the Good Rabbi and Glenn never discussed the book:

  • Rabbi Lapin is "David Barton on Steroids."
  • The Tower of Babel is a "Blueprint for the Fatal Attraction of Socialism."
  • In Hebrew, money and blood are the same word.
    • Both are your lifeforce.
    • Money should do its work behind the scenes.
  • In the Exodus, 80% of the Israelites stayed behind.
    • Bottom Line: 80% of people are pussies who will accept the status quo.
    • Same formula was true for the American Revolution.
    • Pareto Principle.
  • You cannot be an entrepreneur without faith, which is why entrepreneurship never thrives in an atheistic environment.
If you want to hear more from Rabbi Lapin, you can hear him speak on the moral rightness of free enterprise here.

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