Monday, March 18, 2013

Comptroller Susan Combs: John Galt is Alive and Well and He's Living in Texas

Great CPAC panel featuring Texas Comptroller Susan Combs: Has Atlas Shrugged?!? Business in Obama's America:

  • Technology has altered the pace of change.
    • Overwhelms Centralized Bureaucracy
  • Small Businesses innovate 11x faster than Big Businesses.
  • Under Obama, fewer small businesses have been formed and more have failed than at any time in 40 years.
  • Big business and big labor can navigate big government; small business cannot.
  • We spend more money on education than any other country for worse results.
  • Susan Combs:
    • "John Galt is alive and well and he's living in Texas."
    • Some parts of the Federal government (like the EPA) just don't like successful people.
    • Texas has a diversified economy.
    • We love to sue the federal government in Texas
    • Big government is not your friend if you're a risk taker.
  • Jeanette Prenger
    • Her current Health Care bill is $21,000 per month; under Obamacare it will go up to $58,000.

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