Monday, March 11, 2013

#IWantTheBlazeBecause; an Open Letter to AT&T C.E.O. Randall L. Stevenson

Mr. Randall L. Stevenson
Chief Executive Officer
1 AT&T Plaza
Dallas, TX 75202

Dear Mr. Stevenson,

Over the past nine months, I have been an AT & T U-verse customer.  I also used to sell U-Verse.  This letter, however, is not about me.  This letter is about better serving your customers while strengthening Texas' Economy.  I'm writing to request you immediately make theBlazeTV available on your U200 television package at the same per subscriber fee you pay MSNBC.

Competition is the lifeblood of American prosperity.  Competition ensures consumers the best quality product at a fair price.  That why I'd like you to increase the news options available to AT&T U-verse customers.  Currently, the U200 package has 7 left-leaning channels compared to one and a half psuedo-conservative options. I ask you to put theBlaze on equal footing with those other networks.

The need for more news options is obvious; for example:
  • #IWantTheBlazeBecause they showcase voices like David Barton and Buck Sexton that the rest of the media ignores.
Finally, I'd like to add theBlaze to protect and strengthen Texas' Economy.  Mercury Radio Arts, TheBlaze's parent company, is a growing company based in Texas.  Mercury's success is living proof the Texas Model works.  As a respected business leader in Texas, I am confident AT&T values its reputation as a company that promotes competition, especially when the newest competitor is a growing Texas company.  That's why I request you add theBlaze to your U200 lineup at the same per subscriber fee you pay MSNBC.

Adam Cahn
Austin, TX
March 11, 2013

P.S. If you agree with this letter, Cahnman's Musings respectfully requests you post it to U-Verse's facebook page here.

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