Monday, March 18, 2013

#IWantTheBlazeBecause; a follow up letter to AT&T C.E.O. Randall L. Stevenson

Mr. Randall L. Stevenson
Chief Executive Officer
1 AT&T Plaza
Dallas, TX 75202

Dear Sir,

I am writing to follow up on my letter from last Monday, to which you have not yet responded.  As your loyal customer, I wrote you to request you immediately add theBlazeTV to your U200 lineup on the same financial terms as MSNBC.  I am writing today to follow up on the status of this request.

Over the past six weeks, tens of thousands of loyal AT&T customers have contacted AT&T to request you add theBlaze.  AT&T has failed to respond.  Why is AT&T ignoring tens-of-thousands of loyal customers?!?

Right now, AT&T forces U200 customers to subsidize seven left-leaning networks compared to one and a half on the other side. U200 customers deserve more programming options.  As a company that claims to value competition, I trust AT&T wants to give its customers as many programming options as possible.

Competition is the lifeblood of American prosperity.  Adding theBlaze to the U200 (on the same financial terms as MSNBC) will promote the competition from which everyone benefits.  Finally, adding theBlaze is a tangible step AT&T can take to support a cutting edge company based in Texas, YOUR home state.

I am writing to follow up on my request to you from Monday, March 11.  As a loyal customer, I asked you to add theBlazeTV to your U200 lineup on the same financial terms as MSNBC.  I have yet to hear back from you.  Why not?!?  I look forward to prompt restitution of this matter.

Adam Cahn
Austin, TX
March, 18 2013

P.S. If you agree with this letter; Cahnman's Musings respectfully requests you post it to AT&T's facebook page here.

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