Wednesday, March 27, 2013

CSCOPE Data Collection (Common Core as well)

Glenn Beck has a chilling report on how CSCOPE and Common Core are collecting oodles of infomation about your children:

  • Began with the Stimulus in 2009.
    • $5 billion for 'finance incentive grants'
  • Race to the Top
    • Thinly concealed bribery for the states.
    • Money from Washington ALWAYS comes with strings attached.
    • In this case the strings included improving collection and use of data.
  • All the usual suspects of bad guys are involved.
    • GE
    • Microsoft
    • Apollo Alliance/Tides Foundation

  • G.E. gave $18 million to Common Core
  • Microsoft wants to run the operation.
  • Student monitoring from Kindergarten to age 20.
  • Act local and statewide.

  • Evaluating how to place you for careers at really young ages.
  • Personal Note: To me, this whole enterprise reminds me of Brave New World.
  • Predictive Testing -- Neuropsychological testing performed by Kindergarten teachers

  • Bug the crap out of your local and state legislators 
  • Educate the Public
  • Protect your medical records at all cost!!!

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