Thursday, March 14, 2013

By Popular Demand: Governor Rick Perry -- CPAC 2013

Governor Perry gave a barnburner of a speech today in Washington where he also tipped his hand about the coming fight in Texas over Medicaid:

  • Releasing dangerous foreign nationals into the United States and blaming the sequester was a 'federally sponsored jailbreak.'
  • "There's nothing free that comes from Washington."
    • Me: Amen to that!!!
  • "All we have is a promise from a Federal Government that apparently can't afford to lock up dangerous criminals."
  • After repeating his unwavering opposition to expanding Medicaid under Obamacare, Governor Perry then laid out his alternative in more detail than I've heard before:
    • Patient-Centered Reforms
    • Flexibility for States to Innovate
    • Higher co-pays for Medicaid services to discourage overconsumption
    • Asset tests for Medicaid benefits.
    • HSA's for the poor.
  •  "We care about the Health of our citizens more than Washington."
  • On Economic Growth: "It just so happens that balanced budgets and one of the lowest tax and spending burdens in the nation corresponds with our #1 ranking when it comes to jobs created."
  • We don't believe growing government grows the economy.

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