Friday, April 19, 2013

Another RANCID vote from Congressman Roger Williams

Congressman Roger Williams, who recently voted to continue funding Obamacare, is back.

Yesterday, the United States House of Representatives passed the Cyber Information and Sharing Act (CIPSA); the Republican Liberty Caucus explains the Act:
CISPA (HR624)  would massively reduce the privacy and security of your online communications and personal data. It would give government agencies and many private companies access to your personal communications and financial information and would allow government security agencies like the National Security Agency unprecedented power to access your data including medical records, private emails and financial information – all without a warrant, oversight by any court or due process of law.  It is supported by government security agencies like the Department of Homeland Security and also by big online data companies like Google and Facebook which want to use your data for marketing with fewer restrictions.
 And yes, Congressman Williams voted for it.


  1. I went to church with Roger Williams for years and so I know him personally. I just called his DC office and asked that they explain to me WHY when his ran on a platform AGAINST Obamacare, did he vote to fund and WHY he voted for CISPA yesterday. THe answer I received was that for Obamacare, he feels that there will be more opportunities to defund it and voted for CISPA that he thought it was in our best interest that we allow the government agencies access to all of our data. He also told me that Mr. Williams doesn't believe CISPA violates any of our constitutional rights. Fucking moron liar!

  2. I worked on his campaign staff in Summer 2012. I'll be making a personal phone call today.


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