Friday, April 5, 2013

Don't Overreact to Texas House Medicaid Shenanigans

Sigh, of course they did.

Last night, during the budget debate, Texas House Republicans played a dangerous game with Medicaid expansion.  Thankfully, they backed down before they did any damage.  The true colors of the Republican caucus in the Texas State House are, yet again, on display to anyone paying attention.

That being said, there is too much doom and gloom today; while many are guilty, this hysterical post from Erick Erickson at Redstate takes the cake:
Late Thursday afternoon, the Republican-controlled Texas House of Representatives took the first step toward capitulation on the Obamacare Medicaid expansion. A few hours later, the amendment directing the Texas state healthcare bureaucracy to start preparing for the expansion was reconsidered and rescinded after a handful of conservatives scrambled to rescue the situation — but the fact that it passed at all is a wake-up call.

Here’s the bottom line: Texas is closer to caving on the Obamacare Medicaid expansion than people realize. It’s no surprise that Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, elected with the votes of Democrats and liberal Republicans, would let this happen.


There’s no excuse for this happening in Texas. It’s time for Texas conservatives — and their conservative Governor — to wake up and take the reins before the 83rd Texas Legislative session spirals completely out of control.
Everyone needs to calm down.  Nothing new happened last night.  We've known that Joe Straus sucks for quite some time.  That Texas House Republicans are a bunch of cowards also isn't news.  While the Texas Senate and the Governor leave us cautiously optimistic, conservatives have known we would have to fight tooth and nail in the House since the beginning of the session.

So what, pray tell, is new here?!?

Also, for the record, Rick Perry outlined his Medicaid alternative at CPAC.

People need to pace themselves.  The real work of the session happens in May.  Wasting energy on a tempest in an April teapot won't accomplish anything.  It's a beautiful day in Austin.  Enjoy your weekend.

Update: Erickson has backed off from the Ledge.

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