Monday, April 8, 2013

Texas U.S. Senate 2014: Draft Rafael Cruz

John Cornyn needs a primary challenge; Rafael Cruz is the strongest candidate Texas conservatives can field.

If you were involved with Senator Cruz's campaign last year, you probably met his father.  If so, you know why he's the strongest candidate.  If you've never met him, just understand that Rafael Cruz is the man who taught Senator Cruz to cherish freedom.

In 1957, Rafael Cruz was an 18 year old in Batista's Cuba.  After being arrested and brutally tortured, Rafael Cruz fled to Texas with with $100 pinned to his underwear.  Unable to speak English, he took a job washing dishes at the University of Texas for fifty cents an hour.  From UT, Rafael Cruz founded a successful data processing company for the energy industry.  He is also a Baptist pastor!

As he lived the American dream, Rafael Cruz outgrew the fantasies of his Castro-supporting youth.  As he explained:
"The people are allowed to buy a pound of meat per month," he said.  "If you violate the rules, you get thrown in a prison cell for years."  He told us of a friend from Cuba who visited Texas and went to dinner at a restaurant.  "When he saw the size of the steak on his plate, he broke down crying," Rafael said.  "'This would feed my family for a month.'"
 Texans deserve that kind of representation in the United States Senate.

When something works well, you keep doing it.  The lessons taught in the Cruz household three decades ago have blessed Texas.  Texas voters should leverage those lessons for maximum return.

John Cornyn is a nice guy.  That's the problem.  Nice guys like John Cornyn, who lack the internal fortitude to defeat this President (or any potential 2016 successor), are why the Republican party keeps finishing last.  John Cornyn voted for TARP.  John Cornyn voted for the 2011 Debt Ceiling deal.  John Cornyn voted for the Fiscal Cliff.  Senators never improve in third terms.

The best way to replace John Cornyn is to draft Rafael Cruz; it's that simple.

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