Monday, April 22, 2013

Travis County's Drunk Driving Democrat District Attorney

Two weekends ago, Travis County (Democrat) District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg was arrested for Driving while Intoxicated. Given that we were arrested for DWI in 2008, Cahnman's Musings held off on commenting.  Two new details have emerged about the arrest, however, that point to a serious breach of the public trust:
  1. Lehmberg had AN OPEN BOTTLE OF VODKA on her passenger seat; yes, you read that right.
  2. Lehmberg blew a .239, nearly three times the legal limit.  As a point of comparison, when I was arrested, I blew a .12.  When you reach .25 (slightly above where Lehmberg was), you're at the point where: "All mental, physical and sensory functions are severely impaired."
This is serious.  You don't blow a .23 AND have an open bottle of Vodka in your passenger seat if you've only had two drinks (which is what Lehmberg claims).  The only way you get to .23 is with substantial consumption over the course of several hours.

As for the open bottle of Vodka in the passenger seat, that one speaks for itself.

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