Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Plan B usage at all time high in Austin

This is simultaneously astonishing and not surprising:

  • Personal Question: If you have "no plan A" after having been inundated with safe-sex propaganda since childhood, doesn't that suggest something about the culture of promiscuity in the first place?!?
    • Back when I was chasing women, I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaated using condoms and I got all the safe-sex propaganda I could possibly get growing up in New York City and attending college in Southern California
  •  The U.T. area pharmacy averages 4 sales PER DAY
    • That's 1,460 per year
    • This is only one pharmacy.
  • Even when used perfectly, Plan B is only 90% effective.
  • "That's what's best for society."
    • That line speaks for itself. 
Update: And Plan B won't protect you from super-Gonorrhea.

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