Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Important Background Information on Austin Bond Elections

Local media in Austin has done a surprisingly good job covering the upcoming bond election:

On the shady nature of holding an election in May:

  • The required approval of the voter is being circumvented.
  • 6% turnout in 2006; 2.5% in 2010
    • Less than 10,000 total votes.
    • That many people work for the district.
  • This is as close as you can get to rigging an election without having handcuffs put on your wrists.
On the horrid idea of using long-term debt for short term maintenance:

  • This bond issue is the equivalent of taking out a second mortgage to fund maintainence.
  • Property taxes WILL go up.
AISD low-balling the tax hike

  • The potential tax hike in this proposal could be twice what AISD says it could be, and that's on top of the tax hike last year.

Early voting is next week; please take five minutes and vote no on this boondoggle.

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