Monday, April 22, 2013

Joe Straus' Plan to Kill Good Legislation

A random act of journalism from Texas Monthly reveals Joe Straus' strategy to kill good legislation during the waning weeks of the 83rd legislature:
The last thing the Straus team wants is a lot of vigorous debate between R's and D's and long lines at the back microphone, nor do they want want to give the tea party members anything to get riled up about. So the calendars will continue to be boring and inoccuous under the watchful eye of Calendars chair Todd Hunter. I'm not guessing about this; I aired my suspicions to a Straus insider and got an affirmative answer. No long calendars. No contentious bills that could blow up the session. No chance for the tea party freshmen to do their thing. Let's just get the hell out of Dodge. That's the plan, man.
If that's the case, then the grassroots is just going to have to throw sand in the gears of 'the plan.'; Cahnman's Musings recommends you call chairman Hunter's office to ask for a vote on your priority legislation.

We'll get back to you soon with a list of Bill numbers, but this is our Priority Legislation.


Representative Todd Hunter:

(361) 949-4603 (Author's note: It ALWAYS makes more of an impact if you call the district office)

Facebook: Elect Todd Hunter.

Twitter: @toddahunter 


Update: Empower Texans tears House Leadership a new rectal orifice over this issue
The House leadership wants to avoid debate and an accounting of this session, something they know debate would provide. Perhaps they don’t realize that doing nothing is pretty much the same thing as doing bad, when there was the chance to do good.


Any fight for reform that was in the more senior members is nowhere to be seen. They seem more concerned with protecting their own pensions and getting in the good graces of the lobby, than doing what they once promised.

It’s a real problem for the GOP. Voters are going to start asking pesky questions about why they should bother. Yeah, they talk big as conservatives when campaigning, but deliver precious little to the table when governing. Worse, they don’t even seem to be trying. Or caring.

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